Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Village Curry House, Glasgow

Peshwari Chops
WHIZ! BANG! WALLOP!!!  WOW... what a curry!  The Village Curry Houses Peshwari Chops was a stonker.  Four sizeable, meaty and melt in the mouth bbqed/tandored lamb chops, swimming in a quite loose, and slightly oily gravy.  The flavours were immense.  Really rather citrusy sour, and a fair old amount of heat!  I was glad I reined in the bravado and erred on the side of caution with 'medium strength' when asked. Also, rich, full bodied and well seasoned, and presented with match sticks of fresh ginger on top to add a real zing.  I'm pretty sure there may have been some sultanas or something lurking in the bottom of the dish - some little morsels of sweetness were experienced any way.  It was a dish quite different to what we get here in Bradford, and one I will remember for quite a while, and keep me itching for more frequent Glasgow trips.

Frequent readers of the Bradford Curry Blog will probably have realised I often visit Glasgow to see family. After many years eating curry up there (not always blogged), it has become easy to see why both Glasgow and Bradford have swapped Curry Capital honours on a number of occasions recently.  Glasgow as a whole does serve up excellent fare.  This was to be my first visit to the Village Curry House, and first Glasgow curry with the Glaswegian Legend Hector Curry-Heute*.  How better to enjoy your first Village curry than with family and the Curry Master?

We ride so we can eat more curry
Just gone 13:00 and Win, Ben, Lynda and me are studying Lunch Special Menus which were on the tables... in Hector walks.  Looking a little puzzled - as were we - at this stripped down menu, it was clear this was not going to sate the Master Hector!  A quick chat to the waiter soon saw reinstatement of the full menu.  It is handy having friends in high places that's for sure.

Feeling much happier now, I could now see the Peshwari Chops dish I had set my heart on.  Hector spoke highly of the Lamb Desi Korma and said "well someone should get it."  Lynda took on the challenge.  Ben and Win still went with Lunch Specials.  Pakoras were ordered for starters too in various guises.  Izzy, bless here, stuck to her plate of chips and chicken nuggets, but did adorn it initially with a poppadom! And Hector the Achari Gosht - Desi Style - with Aloo Paratha.  Desi style is essentially turbo charged!

The Pakoras were dispatched without drama - I noted the fish was rater splendid.  Then the mains.  My Peshwari Chops were astonishing - as already discussed.  The Recommended Lamb Desi Korma was the only other dish I sampled and it was indeed unlike any other Korma I'd ever eaten.  It was not overly creamy, pretty darn hot and also possessed the citrus reminiscent of my dish.  Lynda was pleased and remarked on the Korma twist.  Hector considered his Achari to be stunning.  Tender meat, viscous masala, decent kick, punctuated with smacks from lime pickle.

So all in all we had a splendid visit to The Village Curry House, and I can't recommend it highly enough.  If you're ever up Glasgow way check it out.  We certainly will be on our next trip north of the border.

*Hector was on his 40 something blogged visit to the Village!  However, countless total number of visits for the curry maestro!

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