Monday, 28 October 2013

Bundobust Stalking

Bundobust are getting themselves about a bit and getting their name out there.  Latest news seems to be that they are hoping to be open before Christmas somewhere down by Leeds Train Station.

However, today it's another Pop Up to celebrate the opening of the new music venue in the city - Belgrave Music Hall.  Billed as more of an evening do, with bands and several food stalls booked for a bit of a street festival, it did seem a it quiet when Izzy and me rocked up mid afternoon.  Thankfully Bundobust were ready to roll, and Masala Dosa was on the menu today.

Yip Skip Jump - one of my all time favorite dishes.  Vege, of course, masala wrapped in a crispy Dosa, made from a slightly fermented batter.  It's a great dish.  Bundobusts (as with Prashads) Dosa is fantastic. The Dosa  is slightly sour tasting, thin and crispy.  The Masala is perfectly seasoned and spiced.  Not too hot, but the thin sauce/soup (sambar??) ladled over the top packed a bit of a wallop.  All was cooled y a little coconut chutney over the top and a few herbs.

All was soon finished off, and because not much else seemed to about to kick off anytime soon, we wandered off.  Until next time...

Good times in Leeds are just around the corner.  I can't wait.

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