Monday, 28 October 2013

Sheesh Mahal - Bradford

As my recent Blogs account, actual, real, Bradford Curry has been a bit thin on the ground for me lately - and I am The Bradford Curry Blogger??  This seriously needed addressing so,  with a hunger for some serious Bradford Curry action, I recruited the long suffering Big Tone and made a date at the excellent Sheesh Mahal.

With much excitement, I opted for the Mutton Dhansak - a dish I regarded as 'the best Dhansak I'd ever had' (here) - was teamed with rotis.  Big Tone went for Mutton Rogan Josh with chapattis (bread is included as is with many places in Bradford).  We shared Onion Bhajis.

A couple of complimentary poppadoms with some yogurt sauce and lime pickle soon arrived with a jug of water.  The Onion Bhajis soon followed.  Now, Sheesh Mahals Onion Bhajis are not my favorite version served in Bradford, but they are still good.  More thin and crispy batter coating quite large chunks of onion.  They are quite plain tasting to be honest but good textually, and when accompanied with the included pickles make for a good starter.

To the Dhansak - supposedly the 'best I have ever tasted'... but not today I'm afraid to say.  a bit bland on this occasion.  Still thick with plenty of meat, but lacked a touch of seasoning and heat, but was sweet.  Just lacked a bit of balance.  It leached a little oil too, witch is unusual for the mighty Sheesh??  Just a little off day for some reason?

Big Tones Rogan Josh was proper Sheesh Mahal fodder and seemed very tasty from the little I sampled.  So not all was lost.  Still a very very good curry eating experience.

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