Friday, 18 October 2013

Cabin Caribbean Cuisine - Leeds

Well great stuff.  A quick Google search revealed this little place - Cabin Caribbean Cuisine - to be just up the road from my work.  Amazing what crops up sometimes - I never knew it was there.  And remember my old adage for not only curry based Leeds fodder, but also from my experience, most Leeds based fodder options - when in Leeds go Caribbean.  Although getting better recently, Leeds is still awash with chain/franchise eateries and, for me, generally offers little dinning interest.  However, a few miles north of the city centre, in the Chapeltown and Harehills areas, Leeds becomes alive with the sounds and smells of the Caribbean, and a number of such establishments exist. 

No kebabs/burgers/pizzas here.  Just
Caribbean classics.  Pumping tunes and a
BBQ outside too!
I am actually happier than I look.  Always a
bit weird sitting and eating alone and
photographing yourself!  I'm not a weirdo
I promise.

This small cafe is perhaps a little bit more take away than proper sit in kind of place, but there was a single table with four seats, and a small bar with stools around the window.  The table was presented with a table cloth and a few condiments, so felt fairly civilised.

Curry Goat, it just had to be.  £5 for a small portion (£6.50 for a big, but to be honest the small was massive), and served with rice, Rice and Peas or Hard Food(??).  The dish promptly arrived, and slightly took my breath away with it's size!

The classic Curry Goat with Rice and Peas.
Great flavour from the curry itself.  The goat was 'on the bone' but had been cooked to such an extent it had come away.  The goat was fantasticly meaty in flavour and high quality.  It melted in the mouth and had little to no grisly bits.  Lovely.  The sauce was of fairly thin consistency which mixed well with the Rice and Peas, and had chunky potato and carrot added also.  Spice wise it was just right.  Not too hot and had the lovely undercurrent of the mellow coconut milk to keep everything in check.  Hot clilli sauce was a table dwelling condiment if the need to spice things further was deemed appropriate - it wasn't on this occasion.  The Rice and Peas, were good too.  Perhaps a little on the salty side but once all mixed up, this was not an issue.

A great little place and is going to be a regular from now on I can tell you.

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