Friday, 31 January 2014

Punjabi Sizzler Bar and Grill - Leeds

Sticking with the Leeds vibe, a trendy cafe bar called the Punjabi Sizzler Bar and Cafe has opened up in an area of Leeds close to where I work (Sheepscar).  Decked out in white with orange highlights, tiled floor and dark wood tables and chairs, it's seriously bling! In addition is a banging R&B sound track!  Well there was when I visited. From my seat the bar looked well stocked with various draft beers etc and spirits. The cafe was spacious and had a relaxed overall ambience.  Very nice.

From what I gleaned, the Punjabi Sizzler serves an extensive menu of curries and sizzling BBQ during the evening (well from 17:00) and has a stripped down Lunch Time Menu through the day - Monday-Friday. The Lunch Menu comprised such delights as wraps with various filling, samosa chaat, bhajis etc. All sounded good.

Lunch time menu for me it was then and Samosa Chaat (meat) and Onion Bhaji was my choice.  Can't get enough of Samosa Chaat at the mo, and want to explore the world of Chaat further...  I ordered at serving hatch before taking a seat around the corner.

The Onion Bhaji were good.  The five decently sized bhaji's were crispy, but fluffy in the middle, and has a good onion flavour and a bit of spice.  Dipped in minty yoghurt sauce they were delicious.

The Samosa Chaat was excellent too. Less of a chick pea 'sauce' over the samosa's than I've seen on my travels recently - rather a scattering of chick peas, and therefore allowing the crispy texture of the samosa to shine and not become soggy.  The samosa's were stuffed full of meat. Lots of tamarind was applied but only a drizzle of yoghurt, which made for super sour! YES!  Raw onion added fresh zing, and a scattering of little crispy noodles added further texture too.

The Punjabi Sizzler Bar and Grill is an all round great little place and it's great to see someone doing something different.  I may have to visit during the evening sometime soon and have a beer or two too. 

Happy days.

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