Monday, 13 January 2014

Yasmins Samosas

Looks what I spotted at the weekend whilst driving up Listerhills Road?  Yes, Yasmins Samosas.  There is also a Facebook Page here.

I just had to stop, have a nosy, see what was going on and sample some wares.  At the mo, Yasmins Samosas shop seems little more that an outlet for a range fresh/frozen samosas, but a small menu is available (including my favourite Samosa Chaat), and a few tables and chairs are present inside.  However, looking at the website, it appears the cafe side of the business is to be expanded.  Can't wait.

So, I bought four samosas to take away (two meat and two vege).  The Mrs and I ate them later on in the day and all I can say is that they were wonderful.  I'm not a massive samosa expert (I'm not an expert on anything!) but I can say the product was fantastic.  The pastry was light, crispy and not greasy and the fillings were great.  The meat one especially I liked, and had a fair amount of zing!  It didn't skimp on the meat either.  Reading the website suggests Yasmins are priding themselves on quality and it shows.  75p each!  Yes you heard right - 75p each!  Warm and ready to go too...  I will be back very very soon so watch this space.

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