Friday, 24 January 2014

Yaadgaar, leeds

Yaadgaar, Harehills

Bradford related this post.  

Although this Yaadgaar, I visited recently, is in Harehills, Leeds (note all the red brick in the photos - defo Leeds), I understand there to be two branches in Bradford (I think??).  One on Leeds Road, and one on Lilycroft Road, just above Listers Mill there.  So I dare say the fare will be essentially the same.  Not much info in the inter'web to confirm the/a relationship, however, but I am sure the signage is the same.  Could be wrong though.

After a long morning I was in desperate need of a Chaat*.  Being in the vicinity of Harehills, and knowing of the existence and day time opening of Yaadgaar, it seemed the ideal solution.

Dinner time and I wander in - initially into the sweet shop.  "Am I OK to sit in the cafe please?"  I asked peering at the empty cafe section.  "No problem" was the response. So I took a seat in the adjoining small cafe and got the paper out.  The staff continued to unload a delivery van.  Five minutes later someone poked their head around the corner and asked if I'd like to eat something?  Bless - I must have looked destitute or something, and simply seeking warm and dry refuge!  "Oh, err, yes please - Samosa Chaat please?"  No menu was offered, but a small paper leaflet was on the table - giving an idea of what was on offer at lunch time - and some posters on the wall advertising Apna style curries, so I know roughly where I was going.

"Double/single... Vegetable/chicken?" was the comeback. "Vege double Please.." and the deed was done.

A superb bowl full of Samosa Chaat and a bottle of water arrived within minutes. 

What a great dish
Heat, texture, temperature contrast, sweet/sour. Samosa Chaat has everything, and is just a fantastic meal, and I can say Yaadgaar do a brill. version too.  I didn't notice any tamarind juice as such, but definite sour notes were detected.  The underlying lying samosa's were good quality with crispy pastry and contained vibrant and fresh peas in amongst the tasty potato filling.  Nice and spicy hot too, but with cooling yoghurt it never gets out of hand.  Sweet chilli sauce adorned the top, which was a nice, if perhaps non-traditional, addition. Only £3!

Samosa Chaat, and other street food snacks, are the new rock n roll.  

* Chaat translates to snack

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