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Shaan caught my eye recently during a cruise about scoping for future Bradford Curry eating opportunities. On my journey I ended up near the Bradford Royal Infirmary - which is not an area of town I'm familiar with, but turns out to be quite a bustling area.  Anyway, I spotted quite a few probable Bradford Curry eating candidates.  Shaan seemed the most traditional from my quick driving recce, and I promised myself there and then a visit at my earliest convenience.   

My inaugural visit was yet again another lonesome early dinnertime Bradford Curry eating experience (oh how I wish I had some friends).  So just gone noon I wandered in to the not long open for the day and still empty restaurant.  A nice place with marble effect clad walls, and half the restaurant decked with wicker chairs the other half decked with faux leather.  Rather pleasant in the kind of posh but basic curry house vibe. I collected the pretty comprehensive menu from the counter and took my seat in the window.  Lots of the usual curries were present but on the back I spotted a type of dish called Taka-Tak, and, I quote (inc. spelling mistake), "Taste a dish which you haven’t tasted before.  Lahore’s finest bought to you by Shaan.  Freshly cooked dish on a hot thawa."  It came in lamb, chicken, chops, brains, trotter, etc varieties.

Oohhhh! It sounded very interesting - and judging from the Youtube clip above, was going to be interesting - and a dish I had not tasted before.  So setting my heart on the Lamb Taka-Tak I eagerly awaited the waiter/chef to come take my order.  "Only the evening chef can do the Taka-Tak specials" came the response to my request! "I can do you karahi, balti..."  A little deflated, I jumped in mid sentence and opted for the straight plain Lamb Karahi... with chapatis (Shaan provides chapatis or rotis with all it's main courses - as it should be :-)) - I couldn't be bothered looking at the menu again!

The Karahi soon arrived and first impressions were of an incredibly meaty tasting dish with, what I find, that almost metallic flavour. Seasoned and spiced nicely too with just a little bit of excess oil in the bottom.  The curry was a little lighter coloured than that usual seen around Bradford I though, but it was not bad at all.  I guess the middle of the road nature of your bog standard Meat Karahi isn't really going to stretch the taste buds an awful lot - but it's not meant too.  As they say - it did exactly what it said on the tin!  Three nice warm chewy chapatis and a side salad were served with the dish.  It came to a mighty £6!  Brilliant value.  But it wasn't until I perused the take away menu later an that I realised there aren't any dishes on the menu priced at exactly £6, nor is there a Meat Karahi as such??  So goodness knows what chef prepared for me?  All I know is that it was good. 

So although a little disappointed not to be able to have my Taka-Tak, I was more than pleased with my meaty Meat Karahi.  Shaan has done enough for me to want to return to sample more of their menu, and also have a bash at the Kata-Tak.  Until next time....

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