Monday, 17 March 2014


The Blog is going from strength to strength, and has just passed the 40,000 hits milestone!  Thanks all for reading.

This I decided needed a small celebration, and in order to celebrate properly, a proper 'Old Skool' Bradford Curry was needed.  Therefore, I headed for one of MY - oh and that there Rick Stein guy's too - all time favourites - Karachi's Lamb and Spinach Balti. Quite simply one of the best dishes in Bradford - One of THE all time classics... end of. 

Today, as always, Karachi served their Lamb and Spinach Balti freshly prepared, and sizzling away in a Balti Dish.  It was verging on perfection!  From the first to last mouthful it is perfect in every respect. The seasoning was spot on, as was the amount of heat, and the balance of good quality meat to sauce was spot on too. The flavours of meat were good, and not masked by the sauce. The sauce, by the way, was irony from the spinach, and fresh tasting with coriander. The fresh coriander stalks stirred in at the end added further herby fresh bite. There is also a good tartness balanced with an underlying sweetness, and a lingering garlicness which stayed with me the rest of the day!  The dish looked right, smelt right and tasted right.

Like I say - virtually perfect.

3 included chapatis is all that is needed. Happy days.

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