Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Punjabi Sizzler Bar and Grill

Another lunch time visit to the excellent Punjabi Sizzler and Grill, so lunch time menu it is again.

Difference?  The proprietor recognised me from the Blog!  My previous Punjabi Sizzler Blog (here) had received a lot of traffic to be honest - so shows there's quite a buzz about this place.  He's a nice guy and said he like the post. Happy days, but always a little awkward.  However, I've chosen to plaster my face across the internet as some sort of curry aficionado (which I'm not!) so is bound to happen occasionally. Hey ho.

Anyway, on to the fodder.  Today I tried a Seekh Kebab Wrap (for £3.50 and includes a drink) and then greedily ordered Veg Samosa Chaat (£2.50) at the last minute.  I was feeling hungry the order just inexplicably and uncontrollably blurted out!

The Samosa Chaat was again excellent. Very textural with plenty of crunch, and again super sour and with a sprinkling of fresh herbs and gently warming heat. Could eat it all day!

The Wrap was presented in a warp, funnily enough... as opposed to a naan or anything.  Two juicy and meaty kebabs wrapped with usual kebab related grated carrot etc.  I was asked how I wanted my wrap? "Everything on" was the response.  Punjabi Sizzler obliged.  The wrap was good and spicy without being overwhelming.  A lovely lunchtime snack.

Punjabi sizzler is a great place and we'll worth a trip. I need to rally the family and get down for an evening meal. From what I've experienced so far I'm sure it will be great.

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