Sunday, 8 May 2011

Akbar's 29/01/2010

Attendees: Gill, Rob, Tony, Pauline, Lynda and John

So is Akbar’s still the best? Perhaps – on some levels at least.

The food is excellent it has to be said. My kebab starter and balti type curry were very nice – up to the usual top class standard you might say. The staff were also very good too – friendly, attentive and certainly hard working. We all know about the quality of Akbar’s so I won’t repeat myself here.

The problem was the restaurants business – it was a Friday night and it was absolutely heaving. In all fairness we were seated more or less on time, in accordance with our booking, and the service was fast and efficient, so top marks there.

The noise, however, was unbelievable, and we struggled to chat comfortably. It is quite tiresome shouting and straining to hear. Also, throughout our meal, we had a mass of waiting (queuing?) people slowly creeping towards us, as they were forced to spread from the bar area, so more, and more, people could pile into the restaurant. By the time we finished our meal there were groups of people standing at the side of our table with the kink of glaring faces saying “eat faster, eat faster.....” Not the most relaxing experience.

So there you go – It might be a Friday night thing?? But it was just too much for me, and I wouldn’t necessarily want to visit Akbar’s at that time of day and week again. Early, or very late, on a Monday might be the only option? It goes to show that Akbar’s are clearly doing something right though, and its popularity is second to none. Just too unpleasantly busy for me I’m afraid


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