Sunday, 1 May 2011

Kiplings 20/03/2009

Yes, pretty good I'd say - best so far??? Seems a long time ago now but hopefully people will be able to add their comments at the bottom

On arrival the restaurant was very busy (even at 21:00 – and remained busy throughout – good sign) and we were asked to wait in the upstairs bar area and get a drink. Fair enough. Here we were able to peruse the menus and relax, for about 10mins I think??

Our waiter took our order whilst in the bar area and then eventually led us to our table. Poppadoms were already present – nice touch. The pickle tray comprised the usual suspects and were fresh – no complaints.

Lynda and I shared the sizzling mixed starter, as usual, and it was very nice. Samosa good, meaty and tasty, and the Kebab and tikka were also very tasty. Good addition was fish pakora – yummy.

I had pre ordered the Olympic Curry and this comprised another sizzler of large chicken pieces and two huge prawns – I’ve seen smaller lobster tails. This was all marinated in chef’s special mixture and was gorgeous. It was served with a sauce and rice. The sauce was very rich and I didn’t really find it necessary but it was certainly tonnes better than the usual ‘vege gravy’ that comes with sashlik dishes usually. One gripe I did have with the Olympic was that there was no nann bread option??? You had to get rice and order a nann separate?? Can’t see why? Another problem with the Olympic is the price - £15!!!! A lot for a curry. It was good – very good – but £15 of good I am not sure?? And with our waiter’s unwillingness to swap rice for nann, I thought it was a bit much. Would I get it again, I can hear you asking? Probably. There was a big portion so would dispense with the starter for future.

General ambience was good the staff were friendly and knowledgeable.

Overall excellent, and I think Kiplings will get top marks from me in many categories. Well worth another visit.

Shame we forgot to take photos.


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