Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Prashad 19/9/2009

Attendees: Win, Ben and John

And now for something completely different.......

Prashad is a little off the beaten track, being located in a residential area off GHR, and serves up totally vegetarian Indian (as opposed to Kashmiri) based menu.

The set up is a little corner shop, selling bread and snacks, and a little cafe, done out simply with plain tables and leatherette chairs. Don’t get me wrong though, it is pretty stylish and not at all ‘traditional’.

Much of the menu seems unfamiliar – good for a change – and lacks the usual korma, vindaloo, madras, etc of many of the restaurants we visit, and has a special section called Roadside Snacks. Intriguing?

No booze – but it was 11am anyway when we visited – so it was lassi all round. We shared a couple of dishes off the ‘Road Side Snacks’ menu for starters, and they were pretty tasty – kind of like an Indian version of nachos. In all fairness, although we ordered two dishes, taste wise it was difficult to distinguish – and they were served cold. They were supposed to be cold however!! Suffice to say that if the quality of all Indian Road Side Snacks is as tasty as these, then why are we not living in India?

For my main course I had Massala Dosa – like a kind of stuffed crispy pancake. It was filled with spicy potato – like a samosa – and served with a very thin sauce. Although nice I would probably order another dish next time. Like Bens Chana Massala (type thing). Yummy.

We visited looking for ‘Chickpea Curry Breakfast,’ which they didn’t serve as such, but were very impressed all the same, and I didn’t miss meat either!!! The food seemed lighter and fresher, and healthier almost?? The vege contingent, of the Glasgow contingent, of the BCC, was please to see a full menu of vege – rather than being restricted to one or two dishes as per normal - and I think they may be tempted to visit again, instead of the Kashmir.

The Prashad is defo worth a trip for a light lunch or something.


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  1. Great curry and like you say a bit different from the norm.