Sunday, 8 May 2011

Anam's 21/11/1009

Attendees: Gill, Rob, Lynda, Pauline, Tony and John

Well, the evening got off to a little bit of a dodgy start. We were supposed to be eating at Bharat’s, but me neglecting to book a table, and my lack of appreciation of the restaurants size, meant it was full!! Therefore, the decision was made to move onto the ‘next on list’, and go down the road to Anam’s

Unfortunately for Anam’s, the above episode had put me into a little bit of a bad mood, and Anam’s would have to be top notch to score decently. Unfortunately, Anam’s didn’t quite hit the mark, as far as I was concerned. No booze for a start – pox. I am not sure whether there was a BYO option. I got the impression it was completely dry.

Our waiter, bless him, was a little bit of doylum, and was a little slow, and also asked questions like “do the people who haven’t ordered starters, want their main courses during the starter course?”???. I thought it was a little odd to ask.

We had to order, and wait, for popadoms, which, with only a glass of water to while away the time, seems a little unreasonable – the popadoms were a little stale too I thought? On the plus side, the mixed grill started was pretty good – but not outstanding - and there was plenty too.

My main was pretty nice – chicken zera. Normal kind of tomato based curry thing really. It must have been pretty forgettable, as I can’t really remember enough about it to write anything?? My garlic nann was a little stale also – not ‘straight out of the tandor’ freshness and quality we’ve come to expect from Bradford??

On the plus side, the decor was pretty spectacular with massive fish pond, including giant carp and little bridge, and a massive stained glass roof ‘thingy’.

Overall, Anam’s was nice enough, but nothing special. If I lived next door, and there was nothing else around, I would probably be a regular. As it stands Anams didn’t offer anything to me to make to make me want to return.

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