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Nawaab 30/04/2011


32 Manor Row
West Yorkshire

Tell: 01274 720 371



30th April 2011 @ ~20:00


Jaz, Lynda, Chris, Jenna and John

Pre-Curry Watering Hole

The Shoulder of Mutton (a Sam Smiths Pub) was chosen for pre curry drinks on this occasion. The ‘Shoulder’ was about 5mins walk down the road and served up the usual Sammy Smiths type of thing. An odd smell of disinfectant didn’t spoil my pint of Alpine. I knew of a pub straight opposite Nawaab, but on arrival to the restaurant, the pub appeared to have closed down – so good job we didn’t head straight there


My expectations were high to be honest. Naawab has always had a good reputation in Bradford, and got ‘Best Curry in Bradford’ in my 1999 Curry Guide I seem to remember. I was expecting a top notch do.

However, an early LUFC match had meant boozing from 09:30, and by the time I got to Bradford, I was a little worse for wear!!! Therefore my recount of the evening is somewhat jaded – and non existent in part.

The Reality

A hazy munch through a curry that – due to extreme hunger – barely touched the sides. I fear, dear reader, that you going to get about as much out of reading this review as I got from the curry that evening!

I recall masala fish for starters, and found it very good. Perhaps not quite as good as Mumtaz – who arguably do the best masala fish – but perfectly yummy.

Main course I can’t remember?? Probably some sort of lamb balti from the specials menu. An empty bowl speaks volumes for it’s quality though I’m sure. Mated with a garlic naan I had no complaints.

Chris has the award winning Nawaab Delight – that seems very similar to the award winning Saffron Delight – served up at the Safron’s of this world funnily enough. I had it – or its Saffron sistren at least - in the past and found it overly rich and creamy – a Korma on ‘roids I guess. Not for me.

The d├ęcor is worth a mention – very grand. The restaurant is contained within some sort of old Victorian/Industrial Revolution style building and all sorts of columns, big windows and high ceiling action can be found. Nice and clean etc. in side.

Drinks Policy and range

Licensed. I don’t think any draft beer was available but bottles of both Kingfisher and Cobra were. I guess wine will have been too. A rather snazzy ‘Alcohol Free’ room was available at the rear of the restaurant, if you’re that way inclined.


It was the fish Masala for me.


Drinking too much through the day, and resulting in hazy recollection of the evening. Food wise, the ‘award winning’ Nawaab Delight – nothing wrong with it – if you like rich creamy curries - but nothing special either.

The Damage

Pretty reasonably I think? I think we paid about £20 each inc drinks!! For fish and Specials I thought that was very reasonable


Non to speak about – a headache the following morning can’t be blamed on the Nawaab Delight unfortunately!!


I was more than happy with my Nawaab experience. Nice surroundings, food, service, bill. Etc. Worth a visit I say.

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