Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Karachi 15/05/2011


15 Neal Street
Bradford BD5 0BX

Tel: 01274 732 015


15th May 2011 @ ~15:00


Lynda, Izzy, Claire, Freya, Rob, Gill and John

Local Watering Hole

The Lloyds Bar (a Weatherspoon’s Pub) in Centenary Square was chosen for a pre curry drink. Nothing else to say on the matter really – it’s a Weatherspoons. Centenary Square is nice enough though, in a modern kind of way and, once all the building work opposite is complete, with an inner city lake of all things, I dare say it’ll be a very pleasant place to while away a few hours.


My expectations were very high on this occasion. This was to be only my second visit ever, but remember being blown away by the Lamb and Spinach Balti (LSB) – as championed by Rick Stein - last time, and the general overall quality of the fodder excelent.

I was eager to give the LSB another go.

The Reality

Good in general. Jugs of water and a small plate of onion, tomato and yoghurt where immediately placed on the table once seated. However, the onion was very tired and the less said about it the better I feel.

My starter, on this occasion the mushroom pakora, was certianly nothing to look at – all shriveled up like a plate of slugs – but the taste was there. I think they’d been microwaved, if I’m honest, as the batter coating was a little soggy, and the already mentioned shriveledness again suggested this method had been adopted – However, no ‘ping’ was detected during our wait, so who knows. The starters were not as ‘fresh’ looking or tasting as our previous visit I’m sure.

Poppadoms and pickle tray preceded the starters and were perfectly acceptable – enough mango chuckney was provided to sink a battle ship and more than saw the meal out.

Not that you’d want to smother your Rick Stein endorsed LSB in mango chuckney it has to be said!!! It really is excellent – and I’m sure it’s got to be one of the best in town…. Sure of it. One comment from the group was that the meat was starting to fall to pieces a little and, if it had been allowed to go further would have been a problem probably, but here it was just enough to add to the thick, rich gravy. The meat, I thought, was also of excellent quality, and melted in the mouth – although this could be the product of over stewing as noted in the disintegrating meat??

The korma and dansak dishes were popular with the babies – as were the mushroom pakora funnily enough…. See what do I know??

3No. chappatis are issued as standard with all main courses. Naans and rice are extra.

Drinks Policy and range

The alcohol policy is strictly BYO. I took a few bottles of Kingfisher. Also, Karachi has range of fizzy drinks and lassi (mango and plain) on offer. Lassi wasn’t taken on during this visit.


It was the Lamb and Spinach Balti for me. It is almost perfect. 9/10.


The starters were a definite let down – especially when compared to the quality of my main.

The Damage

The total bill for five adults and two babies came to just over £50. Pretty reasonably I think? But, of course, this is without drinks.


Nothing to speak about - I can report all fit and healthy the following day.


No complaints with the service for a restaurant such as this – ie basic. Staff friendly etc and The LSB is to die for and no doubt will keep me going back and back in the future.

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