Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Shimal Spice, Shipley 19/02/2011

Attendees: Caz, Simon, Jenny, Pete, Lynda and me

Simple review for this one…… I think Shimla Spice might be my new favorite curry house. Bish Bosh.

There’s not really much else to say – I couldn’t really fault my experience, aided by the booze prior to the visit and the BYO policy, and Shimla has restored my faith in the Bradford curry scene. My faith was waning slightly, after a recent succession of average curries and poor service.

I feel I should elaborate slightly though for the benefit of others…… in fact I won’t bother – just go when you get the chance – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. The sizzler starter was piled high with meat, a little fish, and sweet onions and my mixed special kahari type main was sumptuous to the point that I felt I could’ve kept eating all night. I polished the lot off and was begging for more!!! Not small portions either just yummy.

To be overly fussy, it could be argued that Shimla is just another Akbars clone, with pink and blue neon lights, lots glass and lots of chrome – but who cares, it’s a formula that clearly works and is popular. The restaurant was buzzing on our arrival and all night long. Oh and the menu was a little long winded. Loads of choice but I got bored reading it!!!

The one thing that was a little annoying was what seemed like constant playing of Happy Birthday. Once or twice is fair enough but this seemed almost constant. I feel the Shipley locals may have been pulling fast ones – I cannot believe there to be so many birthdays on one day???

I should restrain my excitement a little perhaps, and not get carried away with myself, until further research has been carried out that is. Only then shall Shimal Spice (rightly??) take its place as one of the top dog Bradford curry joints.


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