Sunday, 1 May 2011

Omar Khans 24/1/09

I think I speak for everybody when I say we had a good evening. Food and everything was very nice. Not quite up to Akbars standard I would say, but certainly up there, and not as busy (but was full by the time we left – about 1/3 to ½ full on arrival)/noisy/etc to boot. We all met in Sir Titus Salts for a few pre curry drinks (a few too many in my case so am a little hazy on certain aspects of the night!!) and then moved on to the Omar’s. Seated straight away but took a while for drink orders to be taken (minutes in reality but beer drinking head remembers ‘a while!!’), and were not offered poppadoms to nibble on whilst perusing the menu (which I like) – very small criticisms I know. The menu had the usual array of traditional and ‘chef’s specials’ curries to temp you taste buds – and tempted they were!! The d├ęcor seemed a little more ‘traditional’ shall we say, when compared to the trendy modern curry house that seems popular at the moment, lots of red velvet, gold paint and possible flock wallpaper? If there was no flock wallpaper then it feels like perhaps there should have been??? When poppadons arrived they came with a couple of new and interesting pickles this BCC member has never seen. The usual mango chutney was there, of course, then there was a yummy carrot one and another one which escapes me!! Riata came with the starters. Nice for a change. For starters, quite a few of us shared the mixed sizzling platter, a staple for Lynda and me, which included the usual suspects of ‘meats from the tandoor’. No samosa’s (I don’t think) or fish. Excellent all the same – well tasty. For mains I had a garlic rich lamb dish (which I cannot remember the name of) from the specials menu – it was very nice - but I feel, after trying other curries around the table, that there were superior ones on offer. I also had a garlic naan – no complaints there – it was fresh, rich and garlicy!!! MMMmmm!!

So all in all I thought it was very good and I would enjoy more visits there in the future.

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